Hand Dyed Wool
Mottle, Plaid, Herringbone, & Houndstooth Variety

Each piece of our individually hand dyed wool is unique and "one of a kind" from the moment the dyeing and felting process is complete. Color, mottle and shading can be affected by many factors, including: water hardness, temperature, dye pigments and wool fiber. We try to maintain a certain amount of color continuity in our dyeing process, but every piece will be unique. Slight color variances between pieces is normal and expected.

We sell all of our Hand Dyed Wool varieties in three convenient sizes: Large 16 X 52 (1/2 yard). Medium 16 X 25 (fat 1/4 yard) and Small 12 X 16 (fat 1/8 yard).  Please Note: Due to the dying and felting process these sizes may vary slightly.

Please click on the sheep below in your choice of color to view our selection of hand dyed wool.